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WTF dude, there’s someone out there!

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Van Darkholme, DJ and Brian Bonds

Brian and DJ are two buddies watching porn in their house in the suburbs. They are waiting to hook up with a couple of girls after their night shifts. Their evening changes when they discover a scary lurker is hanging around their house. He cuts the electricity and takes them down in the dark.

Brian gets tied to a chair and DJ is made to suck his cock. Both receive hard corporal for not cooperating. The intruder suspends DJ from the ceiling fan and beats the hell out of him. He drags the two helpless studs into the bedroom and orders them to fuck. Will the perv let these two innocent boys go or will he keep them as captives forever?

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Random member comments

What I liked best about this is that the two guys did a great job of staying “unwilling” through the whole thing. Too often these kinds of forced/rape scenes start with a minute or two of “no no no” then just turn into normal sex. And that Brian Bonds guy is HOT. Bring him back as often as possible!

I can’t tell you how HOT this post was…I LOVE home invasion / forced sex….WOW DJ is always outstanding and welcome Brian come back soon! HOME RUN Van.

Wow – what a storyline! And how they all play their roles (especially DJ)! For me it is really hot and turning on.

See the full episode at Bound Gods


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