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Tied-up slave boy is being forced to cum

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The teasing continues with more wax being applied to Zak’s chest and anywhere else it happens to end up. His enthusiasm is showing in the form of a monster hard on. Eventually the Master frees his hands and tells him to jerk the monster cock. Needing both hands he pleasures himself. Is it cum or wax on his chest, who cares, whatever it is its hot!

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Men on Edge (new bondage site)

Posted: May 12th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Men on Edge | Tags: , , , , | No Comments » has launched a new bondage site, which is a little different than their other sites (like Bound Gods or Bound in Public). The new site, called Men on Edge, will feature hot, fit, submissive guys who are new to gay bondage. Van Darkholme will bind them expertly and stimulate them almost to orgasm, but they will be denied to cum over and over again.

This repeated edging makes them harder than they’ve ever been. In the end, if they’re obedient and lucky, they’ll get to blow their loads. Some of the most popular gay porn stars are getting their first bondage experience right here on Men on Edge. New updates will be added weekly, however there are some great movies on the site already. We see, Marc Dylan, Jessie Colter, Alex Andrews and Devin Adams, amongst some other hot jocks in the first episodes.


Marc Dylan in bondage


Jessie Colter in bondage


Alex Andrew in bondage


Devin Adams in bondage

Members of Men on Edge get free access to Butt Machine Boys.

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Bondage revenge with Trent and Colby

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Bondage Revenge with Trent Diesel and Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen finds himself tied up tight in the dungeon of Trent Diesel. Trent wastes no time ripping his clothes off and beating him. He then feeds him his cock and clamps Colby’s nipples to the floor. Trent gets over-confident in his bondage, however, and Colby is able to break free while being flogged. With Trent tied up Colby gets in a revenge flog before stretching him out and arching him off the stock table by his balls. Colby throws Trent on the ground and fucks a load out of the exhausted former Dom.

Download the full video at Bound Gods

Josh West abuses Mitch Vaughn

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Josh West fucks Mitch Vaughn

House Dom Josh West is horny in the dungeon and wants to see what studly Mitch Vaughn can take. He finds the boy tied to the boiler, arms up with his muscular chest completely exposed. Josh works over Mitch’s nipples as Mitch’s cock gets harder and harder. Josh can’t help himself and peels off Mitch’s latex jock and fucks his ass hard right away.

Josh holds back from cumming and suspends the boy by his ankles. Josh flogs the hell out of him upside down while Mitch endures the butterfly clamps up and down his ripped body. The boy still hasn’t earned the Sir’s load and so he’s tied to the “Y” with his huge thighs spread wide so that his hole can take the electric butt plug.

Mitch’s whole body squirms as his physique endures the electric shocks in his hole and on his legs, shaking his hard dick left and right. Finally satisfied Josh puts the boy on his back and pours hot wax all over his torso and cock as he fucks him into submission. A huge load on the boy’s broad chest earn him the Sir’s compliment.

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The most violent orgasm!

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The most violent orgasm

Jessie Colter is tied up and blindfolded in a prison cell. Officer Spencer Reed comes in to tell the inmate that he will be set free tomorrow. Spencer wants to play with Jessie for the longest time and tonight is his only chance. Spencer gropes the helpless boy with massive gloved hands and makes the boy suck his fat cock.

Spencer likes it rough so he beats Jessie down. Jessie endures the flogger, electricity in his cock and ass. Jessie screams like an animal and violently cums with the electric butt-plug up his ass. Spencer fucks the hell out of the exhausted boy and gives him a warning not come back to this prison.

Download the full episode here

Boy’s Quest to Find A Master

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Phenix Saint and Kyle Quinn at Bound Gods

After a bondage workout with Josh West, Kyle Quinn is hooked. He visits local dom Phenix Saint at his playroom. Kyle is seeking a master but Phenix is not so sure. The boy is new and he’s lousy at following instructions. Phenix makes the boy worship him from head to toe. Kyle moans as he digs his tongue into the dom’s hairy armpit. Kyle endures electricity up his ass, painful suspension and a hard bondage fuck.

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Random member comments

Phenix is one of my all-time favorite performers. The man is a legend. I loved it when he said his favorite parts of the shoot were the throne and when Kyle was suspended. He’s right. The suspension was beautiful.

Phenix was great. I loved the hair-pulling to get Kyle to move love to see more. I feel Kyle could have handled a lot more pain hope to see him again soon.

Phenix Saint… hot Damn!!! His expression at 38 minutes  is going to be on my mind for many happy moments to come. And now I’m going to search the library for more vids with him.

Download the full episode at Bound Gods

WTF dude, there’s someone out there!

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Van Darkholme, DJ and Brian Bonds

Brian and DJ are two buddies watching porn in their house in the suburbs. They are waiting to hook up with a couple of girls after their night shifts. Their evening changes when they discover a scary lurker is hanging around their house. He cuts the electricity and takes them down in the dark.

Brian gets tied to a chair and DJ is made to suck his cock. Both receive hard corporal for not cooperating. The intruder suspends DJ from the ceiling fan and beats the hell out of him. He drags the two helpless studs into the bedroom and orders them to fuck. Will the perv let these two innocent boys go or will he keep them as captives forever?

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Random member comments

What I liked best about this is that the two guys did a great job of staying “unwilling” through the whole thing. Too often these kinds of forced/rape scenes start with a minute or two of “no no no” then just turn into normal sex. And that Brian Bonds guy is HOT. Bring him back as often as possible!

I can’t tell you how HOT this post was…I LOVE home invasion / forced sex….WOW DJ is always outstanding and welcome Brian come back soon! HOME RUN Van.

Wow – what a storyline! And how they all play their roles (especially DJ)! For me it is really hot and turning on.

See the full episode at Bound Gods