Lab rat revenge

For some time now, genetically gifted Rusty Stevens has been a lab rat for Dr Evil, Derrek Diamond. He endures strange experiments and a preliminary stage for cloning. Rusty can only take so much and he finally fights back in a wild rage. He gives Derrek a taste of his own medicine whipping and prodding him with the crop. Rusty dunks Derrek in the water tank and fucks him underwater. Enraged Rusty gets his revenge by forcing semen extraction from the screaming Derrek.

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One Response to “Lab rat revenge”

  1. Robert776 Says:

    I badly need to fuck some cunt, but I’m not sure I could take down Rusty. I know I could handle Derrek — please let me take him on!!!! He’s one hot piece, especially upside down in whipping position, with his dick and nuts hanging down!!!!!! When I’m done with Derrek, you can have him back for training as a general pussy!!!

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